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J 177.1 R - Respect - Raatma, Lucia

J 179.8 B - A Children''s Book About Teasing - Berry, Joy Wilt

J 179.8 B - A Children''s Book About Being Rude - Berry, Joy Wilt

J 179.8 B - A Children''s Book About Being Mean - Berry, Joy Wilt

J 179.9 W - Handling Teamwork and Respect for Others - Welty, Tara.

J 302.3 M - Dealing With Bullying - Murphy, Alexa Gordon

J 302.34 M - Jay McGraw''s life strategies for dealing with bullies - McGraw, Jay

J 303.69 G - A guy''s guide to conflict - Gallagher, Jim

J 395 P - Let''s Find Out About Manners - Pitt, Valerie

J 395.122 G - Whoopi''s Big Book of Manners - Goldberg, Whoopi

J 395.12 L - What You Never Knew About Fingers, Forks, & Chopsticks - Luber, Patricia

J 395.122 S - The Thank You Book For Kids: Hundreds of Creative, Cool, and Clever Ways to Say Thank You! - Spizman, Ali Lauren


J E ALL - This Little Piggy''s Book of Manners - Allen, Kathryn Madeline

J E AST - Not So Tall for Six - Aston, Dianna Hutts

J E BRO - D.W.''s Guide to Perfect Manners - Brown, Marc Tolon

J FIC BRU - The Quiltmaker''s Gift - Brumbeau, Jeff

J E BUE - I Did It, I''m Sorry - Buehner, Caralyn

J E BUT - One Winter''s Day - Butler, M. Christina

J E Can - Pinduli - Cannon, Janell

J E CUN - Mary Louise Loses Her Manners - Cuneo, Diane

J E CUY - Please Say Please!: Penguin''s Guide to Manners - Cuyler, Margery

J E EDW - Rude Mule - Edwards, Pamela Duncan

J E GOO - Mind Your Manners! - Goode, Diane

J E HOG - Winnie the Pooh''s Book of Manners - Hogan, Mary

J E Joo - Please is a good word to say - Joosse, Barbara M

J E KAT - Are You Quite Polite?: Silly Dilly Manners Songs - Katz, Alan

J E KEL - Do Unto Otters: A Book About Manners - Keller, Laurie

J E KRO - Jungle bullies - Kroll, Steven

J E LOR - Albert the Fix-it Man - Lord, Janet

J E MCC - Chicken soup for little souls. The Goodness Gorillas - McCourt, Lisa

J E SIE - Mind Your Manners, B.B. Wolf - Sierra, Judy

J E WAL - The Kindness Quilt - Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth

J E WIL - Time To Say "Please"! - Willems, Mo


J FIC BUT - The truth about Truman School - Butler, Dori Hillestad

J FIC CAB - The new girl - Cabot, Meg

J FIC COL - Medusa Jones - Collins, Ross

J FIC LEW - The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe - Lewis, C. S.

J FIC Nay - Shiloh season - Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds

J FIC ROY - Max Quigley : technically not a bully - Roy, James


JDVD - Look Mom! I Have Good Manners [videorecording] - Mazzarella Bros. Productions

JDVD - PoliteKids 101. Social Skills Your Child Needs for Success in Life! [videorecording] - Hunt, Julie

JDVD - Berenstain Bears Kindness, Caring and Sharing [videorecording]

JDVD - Tigger & Pooh and a Musical Too (DVD) [videorecording]

JDVD - Mister Rogers: Adventures in Friendship (DVD) [videorecording]

JDVD - Madeline''s best manners [videorecording] - Reilly, Judy